Guaranteed Hours Contracts

This page used to host a template letter, written by GH tutors, but has been temporarily unpublished due to University management requests. If you are a GH tutor at the University of Edinburgh, and would like to know how other tutors explain their working conditions to students, please get in touch with the organisers of the UCU PG & PD Network and/or attend their next meeting at 15.00 – 16.00, Wednesday 24 October at the Union Offices.


TEF: Joint statement from Edinburgh University Students’ Association and UCU Edinburgh

Edinburgh University Students’ Association and the University and College Union Edinburgh (UCUE) branch welcome the University of Edinburgh’s decision to not enter the second year of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). The Teaching Excellence Framework is a criterion that has been imposed on universities by the UK Government, ostensibly designed to measure teaching quality, but ultimately deepening the commodification of Higher Education.


The Teaching Excellence Framework uses flawed metrics to measure teaching quality – teaching quality should not be measured arbitrarily by student satisfaction.  The implications of entering the UK Government’s framework for measuring teaching quality may be profound, and will dramatically change the Higher Education sector in the long-run, as the various ways in which students and staff engage in learning and teaching are reduced to measurements that do not capture either students’ or staffs’ experiences in the classroom.

The Students’ Association and UCUE recognise their mutually reinforcing interests, and will continue to work alongside each other in the future.  If the University reconsiders engaging with the Teaching Excellence Framework, the Students’ Association and  UCUE will ensure that appropriate preventative action is taken.