Meeting Dates & Papers

General Meeting Dates

Meeting Date Time Location Agenda
Ordinary 15 February 2017 17.00 7 George Square, room S.1  (to be circulated via email to members)
Ordinary 14 March 2017 17.00 Appleton Tower, LT2 (to be circulated via email to members)
Annual 13 May 2017  17.00 LG 34, Paterson’s Land, Moray House (to be circulated via email to members)

Other Important Dates

Notable dates/ Deadlines Date
Committee and Officers take office Sep 2017
Call for Nominations:
Nomination Form
2 June 2017 Officers and ordinary members of the committee

Caseworkers’, Committee and Officers’ Meetings

All meetings at 12 Buccleuch Street unless otherwise indicated.

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National dates

Please contact us if you are interested in attending any of the below events.

Meeting/Deadline Date Location
UCU Scotland Congress motions deadline TBA
UK Congress motions deadline TBA
UCU Scotland Congress 1 April 2017 Stirling
UCU Congress registration deadline
UCU Congress amendments TBA
UCU Congress Business committee nominations TBA
UCU UK Congress 27-29 May 2017 Brighton