I have made arrangements to retire according to a voluntary severance agreement. I expect shortly to get a compromise agreement. The University will pay up to £250 toward the cost of my taking legal advice prior to signing it. In fact it insists that I take such advice. I wonder if you know of any solicitor that you can recommend who provides this sort of advice. UCU Scotland has an arrangement with Thompsons solicitors who advise on compromise agreements. You can contact them at compromiseagreement@thompsons-scotland.co.uk.

You would then forward the compromise agreement to Thompsons (or the University can do this). Thompsons will advise the member, usually by phone, and will then deal with this. Thompsons then invoice the university.

Can you please let ucu@ed.ac.uk and edinburgh@ucu.org.uk know if you will be contacting Thompsons as we usually advise them if a member is going to be getting in touch.

20 Oct 2010
I’m potentially interested in voluntary severance. Is there any guidance about how any package would be calculated? Yes, please see Appendix 3 of the Staff Restructuring Framework. 19 Jul 2008
I’m being required by the University to move to another, lower-graded, job due to restructuring and/or to avoid redundancy. What pay protection can I expect? In general three years. Please see Protection Policy. 19 Jul 2008
I want to make a personal injury claim. How do I do this? A UCU member (or a family member in some limited circumstances) can telephone a new national low cost call number 0333 2400 474 to register a new personal injury claim. Or they can email injuredatwork@ucu.org.uk. The calls/emails come through to the solicitors’ office where the member’s details and the details of the accident are captured before being sent off to agents, either Thompsons or Russell Jones and Walker. The call line covers all personal injury claims, including industrial disease and stress. There is no longer a need to ask a member to complete an application form or stress questionnaire in a stress case. Just ask the member to phone or email using the number/email address above. 28 Oct 2008