The subscription year commences on 1 September each year. Strength in Numbers

Members pay a combined national and local subscription (except for retired, attached and postgraduate student members – see below). We recommend that subscriptions should be paid by Direct Debit.

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For existing members, if you are currently paying your subscription by another method and wish to transfer to Direct Debit please contact who will provide you with the appropriate form. The deductions by Direct Debit can be collected monthly, quarterly or annually. Deductions will be at the appropriate rate for which the member qualifies.

The membership subscription rates for the appropriate salary bands are set out below showing annual and monthly rates. The rates in brackets exclude the political fund element (1% of the national subscription).

Joint BDA, BOS, CSP, RCM, RCN, SCP, SOR please see the UCU website here.

Income tax relief can be claimed on your subscription – details here.

UCU Subscription Rates 2017-18

Current Salary National monthly Local monthly Total monthly rate Total annual rate
£60,000 & above (F0) £24.15 (£23.92) £3.61 £27.76  (£27.53)  £333.12  (£330.36)
£40,000 – £59,999 (F1) £22.01 (£21.80) £3.61 £25.62  (£25.41) £307.44  (£304.92)
£30,000 – £39,999 (F2) £20.01 (£19.82) £2.23 £22.24  (£22.05) £266.88  (£264.60) 
£20,000 – £29,999 (F3) £18.88 (£18.70) £1.91 £20.79  (£20.61) £249.48  (£247.32)
£10,000 – £19,999 (F4) £11.50 (£11.39) £1.67 £13.17  (£13.06) £158.04  (£156.72)
£5,000 –  £9,999 (F5) £5.21  (£5.16) £0.78 £5.99  (£5.94) £71.88  (£71.28)
Below £5,000 (F6) £1.02  (£1.01) £0.37 £1.39  (£1.38) £16.68  (£16.56)

 Retired members

National monthly Local monthly Total annual rate
£2.73 (£2.71) Nil £32.76 (£32.52)

Attached members 

National monthly Local monthly Total annual rate
£2.73 (£2.71) Nil £32.76 (£32.52)
Attached unemployed seeking employment (for 1 year from date of becoming an attached member Nil Nil

Postgraduate Student members

UCU does have a ‘student’ membership category. This category of membership is open to students training to teach in post-school education, including PGCE students. If you are a postgraduate student at a university or HE college, planning a career in higher education (but *not* an employed postgraduate student) you are also eligible for student membership. This category of membership is free while you complete your studies. Please note however that if you are an *employed* postgraduate who is providing or supporting education, training or research, you should apply for full UCU membership. The subscription you pay will be based on your earnings with reduced rates for those on lower incomes.

Payment methods

Payment is made:

  • By monthly, quarterly or annual Direct Debit from a personal bank account.
  • By cheque (made payable to ‘University & College Union’) for the full annual amount payable in September/October 2017 for the full year, or the appropriate pro-rata amount if joining UCU later in the session 2017-18.  Cheques should be sent to:

University & College Union
Membership Department
Carlow Street

Leaving the University

If you are leaving the University, it would be appreciated if you could please send an e-mail to Susan Anderson (Administrative Officer) at