Officers & Committee


Branch Officers

Honorary President Grant Buttars

Information Services

Email: Phone: 513852
JULC rep.
Honorary Vice President Lena Wånggren

Literature, Languages & Cultures

Email: Phone: –
Honorary Secretary Gordon Reid


Email: Phone: 509750
JULC rep.
Honorary Treasurer Mike Holmes

Information Services

Email: Phone: 503321
JULC rep.
Honorary Assistant Secretary: Communications Ebtihal Mahadeen

Literature, Languages & Cultures

Email: Phone: –
Honorary Assistant Secretary: Equality & Diversity Shereen Benjamin


Email: Phone: 516147
JULC rep.
Honorary Assistant Secretary: Anti-Casualisation Nikolay Ogryzko

Medical School

Email: Phone: –
JULC rep.
Honorary Assistant Secretary: Casework Coordinator Claire Graf

Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences

Email: Phone: –
Honorary Assistant Secretary: Membership Maria D’Aria

Social and Political Science

Email: Phone: –

Ordinary Committee Members

Pieter Blue Mathematics
Sophia Lycouris Edinburgh College of Art
Wilson McLeod Literature, Languages & Cultures
Mike Orr Education
Diana Paton (currently on research leave) History, Classics & Archaeology
Tom Webster History, Classics & Archaeology

Other Reps

Suzanne Trill currently represents the branch in negotiations relating to REF and attends Committee in that capacity.

Two representatives from the Postgraduate & Postdoctoral (PG/PD) Network may also attend Committee meetings.


Under the rules of the Trade Union – the Local Committee can have up to twenty-four ordinary members. While we would never be able to accommodate this number in the Unions’ meeting room, we still have vacancies on the committee and would welcome any new committee members.

There are many sections of the University which are not represented. Ordinary members should represent as broad and inclusive a spectrum of membership as possible and may include roles with a particular short-term focus or requiring specialist knowledge to assist the officers.

We would be interested to hear from anyone who would be willing to serve on the Committee. You can contact any Committee member in confidence and with no obligation.


We have a network of local contacts across the University.