Officers & Committee

Branch Executive 2019/20

PresidentGrant Buttars
Vice PresidentLena Wånggren
SecretaryPieter Blue *
TreasurerMike Holmes
Assistant Secretary: MembershipFred Carter

Dexter Govan

Assistant Secretary: CaseworkClaire Graf
Assistant Secretary: CommunicationsMaria Carpintero Torres-Quevedo
Assistant Secretary: Equality & DiversitySophia Lycouris
Assistant Secretary: Anti-CasualisationKevin McNicholl
Assistant Secretary: Anti-CasualisationKathryn Nash
Assistant Secretary: InternationalJosef Fruehwald
Assistant Secretary: GreenGlen Cousquer
Health & Safety Rep.Mike Orr
Health & Safety Rep.Gordon Reid
Learning Rep.Muireann Crowley
Ordinary Committee members:Shereen Benjamin
Wilson McLeod
Fiona Brown
Diana Paton
Tom Webster
Katie Nicoll Baines
Becky Hewer
Wen Kokke
Francesca Vaghi

* from Jan 2020 – in the interim, please contact

Other Reps

Two representatives from the Postgraduate & Postdoctoral (PG/PD) Network may also attend Committee meetings.


Under the rules of the Trade Union – the Local Committee can have up to twenty-four ordinary members. While we would never be able to accommodate this number in the Unions’ meeting room, we still have vacancies on the committee and would welcome any new committee members.

There are many sections of the University which are not represented. Ordinary members should represent as broad and inclusive a spectrum of membership as possible and may include roles with a particular short-term focus or requiring specialist knowledge to assist the officers.

We would be interested to hear from anyone who would be willing to serve on the Committee. You can contact any Committee member in confidence and with no obligation.

Local Contacts

We have a network of local contacts across the University.