Nominations are now open for UCU Edinburgh committee roles and ordinary membership. We encourage colleagues to put themselves forward for the following roles: President, Vice President, Secretary, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications, Equality and Diversity, Anti-Casualisation, Health and Safety, Casework Coordinator, Membership, Green rep, and International staff rep. The term of office is one year. Training and support for the various roles will be provided, and facility time – buy-out time or extra paid time for part-time staff – is available in varying degrees for some of the roles
(contact for specific info).
We also invite nominations for ordinary membership in the committee. The local committee can have up to twenty-four ordinary members. If you have any questions about ordinary committee membership, feel free to contact any committee member to discuss this in confidence and with no obligation, or get in touch with
There are many sections of the University which are not represented in committee at the moment. So we particularly encourage members from the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, and the College of Science of Engineering to get involved.

Completed nomination forms must be either delivered to the UCU office, 12 Buccleuch Street, or scanned and sent electronically to by 5 PM on Wednesday, May 22, 2019. You can download nomination forms by clicking on this link.