Save Jobs at Aberdeen

ucu_abdnThe UCU branch at Aberdeen University have set up a petition along with the Students Association at the university to campaign against compulsory job losses. Despite having made savings of around £8 million the university are pressing ahead with plans to make staff redundant. The branch are currently balloting on industrial action but need your help with their campaign against job cuts.

Please follow the link below and sign the petition calling on the university to rule out the use of compulsory redundancies.

Sign the petition

Opinion Pieces

To date our blog has largely been about providing information.  However it can and should also be a place for debate.  To that end we are going to start including occasional opinion pieces.

Make Your Voice Heard

UCU Edinburgh is here to represent our members and it’s crucial that different voices are heard, not just those in and around the committee.  We are not just one homogeneous unit called UCU Edinburgh but a wide and varied collection of people!

Any UCU Edinburgh member is welcome to contribute and we may also try and get some guest contributions from further afield.  Opinion pieces will be clearly labelled as such.

Anyone wishing to contribute an article should contact Grant Buttars –