Improved rights for hourly paid staff in LLC

After ucu edinburgh Arial Black 48years of campaigning on the issue from both UCU and EUSA, the student union, hourly paid staff in LLC (the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures) will now get paid for ‘University of Edinburgh-approved’ meetings and trainingeusa sessions. Much of the work done by both casualised and other members of staff often goes unseen, either not paid for (for many staff on hourly contracts) or not included in workload allocation models (for many staff on non-casualised contracts), so this is a great step in the right direction by the university. As our surveys on workload (2011, 2013) and on hourly paid employment (2011-12) showed (see:, the majority of staff who responded to the survey work more than their contracted hours.

According to one of the surveys, almost half of the hourly paid tutors who responded did not get paid for marking or preparation, although this may have changed in some areas, since LLC introduced marking pay a few years ago. Casualised teaching staff in LLC are still not paid for office hours, so are meeting students in their spare time to give essay advice and feedback, but we hope that this, too, will soon change – for the sake of both staff and students.

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