Improved rights for hourly paid staff in LLC

After ucu edinburgh Arial Black 48years of campaigning on the issue from both UCU and EUSA, the student union, hourly paid staff in LLC (the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures) will now get paid for ‘University of Edinburgh-approved’ meetings and trainingeusa sessions. Much of the work done by both casualised and other members of staff often goes unseen, either not paid for (for many staff on hourly contracts) or not included in workload allocation models (for many staff on non-casualised contracts), so this is a great step in the right direction by the university. As our surveys on workload (2011, 2013) and on hourly paid employment (2011-12) showed (see:, the majority of staff who responded to the survey work more than their contracted hours.

According to one of the surveys, almost half of the hourly paid tutors who responded did not get paid for marking or preparation, although this may have changed in some areas, since LLC introduced marking pay a few years ago. Casualised teaching staff in LLC are still not paid for office hours, so are meeting students in their spare time to give essay advice and feedback, but we hope that this, too, will soon change – for the sake of both staff and students.

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Carnival of Hope: Report from Manchester by Talat Ahmed

Manc1This is a carnival full of hope. It shows you people are prepared to fight austerity.

So said Michael Byrne, a Unite rep at Coventry City council as he joined up to 100, 000 people on the TUC march against austerity in Manchester last Sunday. He was joined by sacked steel workers from Redcar who marched at the front; junior doctors and medical students from the Manchester Royal Infirmary; thousands of school teachers, college and university lecturers; disability rights groups; Stand up to Racism activists defending refugees and activists calling for the scrapping of Trident.

manc5The demonstration was a sea of trade union banners, home made banners, flags and placards and a huge number of pig masks alluding to Cameron’s penchant for the four legged animal! Speaker after speaker denounced Tory proposals for the anti-Trade Union bill, which will further restrict our capacity to challenge their policies of cuts and job losses. The mood was one of defiance with chants for “strike, strike, strike”.

manc3Singer Charlotte Church said, “This is not a radical fringe. This is a growing social movement.” Let’s hope in the days, weeks and months ahead that we build on this great protest.

Scottish Parliament’s Education and Culture Committee

sparl_logoThe Scottish Parliament’s Education and Culture Committee will be taking evidence on the Higher Education Governance (Scotland) Bill at Stage 1 on Tuesday 6 October, at 10:00 am.  The panel will be set up as a roundtable discussion, and once this session has concluded, Scottish Government officials will then provide evidence on the Bill.  Mary Senior, UCU Scotland Official, will be giving evidence on behalf of UCU Scotland in the session along with NUS and a number of university principals.  If you’re interested you can view the session live on the Parliament’s website where it should appear on the feed for committee room 6 (direct link

The papers for this meeting can be found on the Education and Culture Committee website and include a copy of UCU’s submission on the bill.

Justice for Sheku Bayhoh


Public Meeting

22 October at 19:00–22:00
Room G.05, 50 George Square

Sheku Bayoh died in Kirkcaldy police custody on Sunday 3 May.

Please come to the meeting to hear the full story from the family of what happened and discuss how Edinburgh can play its part in countering such racism.

Organised by EIS-FELA, Edinburgh College and also supported by:

Edinburgh College EIS
Edinburgh Trades Council
Edinburgh Labour Party
Edinburgh Radical Independence Campaign
Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees
Scotland Against Criminalising Communities
Stand up to Racism
Unite Against Fascism

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